Latest 21st Birthday Wishes Quotes & images 2023

Best 21st Birthday Wishes 2023 Birthday is the Most Important Day in Everyone’s Life Someone Special Day Wish you a Many Many Happy Birthday Wishes

21st Birthday Wishes 2023

Let’s pop open the champagne
Let’s pop open the champagne, for it’s the 21st birthday of someone very special!

Wishing you all the very best on this momentous birthday, and a lifetime of success and happiness to follow!

Have a truly fantastic time today, my dear!
Happy birthday to the hostess with the mostest
Happy birthday to the hostess
with the mostest!

I have been so looking forward
to your 21st birthday, and now
the day has finally arrived!

Enjoy turning 21 today – it’s all downhill from now on!

By 21, Jane Austen had written Pride and Prejudice. But you’re still doing great!

By 21, Steve Jobs had founded Apple. But you’re still doing great!

You’re 21! You are officially an adult… and old.

21 years of being a Muppet.

With your renowned hosting skills,
I have high expectations for a very
sophisticated soiree this evening!

Wishing you a truly wonderful day
and I am counting down the hours
to celebrate with you later tonight!
A particularly momentous birthday
Happy 21st birthday, mate!

I hope you have the biggest, best, most extravagant celebrations yet on this particularly momentous birthday of yours!

Be sure to enjoy it with all of your family and loved ones, and make it a truly memorable one!
Today, I finally turn twenty-one
Happy 21st birthday to me! The day
every girl dreams of has come around,
the day that I finally turn twenty-one!

My heart is very full right now and
I couldn’t be more excited to share
my special day with all of my
nearest and dearest!
My biggest blessing turns 21
Today, my dear daughter, you turn 21 years of age, and I want you to know exactly how much you mean to me.

From a mother’s perspective, you are the most perfect daughter in every way imaginable. Every moment spent with you and every memory made is precious to me. You truly make me blessed to be your mother.

I’m wishing you the happiest birthday possible as you celebrate this very special milestone that is your 21st birthday.
Drink responsibly
Happy 21st birthday,
my dear friend!

Now that you’ve finally
turned the long-awaited
21, pace yourself and
drink with moderation!
Your big birthday has finally arrived
Your big birthday has finally arrived!
Happy 21st, my friend!

May your future be bright and filled with
joy, and I hope the years that follow are as
good, if not better, than the last 21 years!

Have an awesome day! Happy birthday!
You’re in the prime of your life
Happy 21st birthday, friend!

Your twenties are undoubtedly the best years of your life! A decade where you’re old enough to do virtually everything the world has to offer, whilst still being young and in the prime of your life to enjoy it all!

I wish you an awesome birthday and the best that your twenties have to offer!
I hope your celebrations are mega
Congrats! You’ve finally reached your
21st birthday!

Enjoy this exciting part of your life, and all
of the new privileges and opportunities
that come with it! You deserve every
happiness in life, and I hope you achieve
everything that you set out to do!

Wishing you all the best on your special
day and hoping your celebrations are
mega! A very happy birthday to you!
21 wonderful years of life
Congratulations on your 21 wonderful years of life so far!

Happy 21st birthday, my friend!
It’s official, you’re an adult now
Happy 21st birthday! I guess it’s official, you’re a proper adult now!

I wish you every success possible in life, and that you are able to reach all of your goals and dreams!

Many congratulations on reaching such a special milestone!
Cheers to 21 years, daughter

Wishing a glorious 21st birthday to my gorgeous girl who today becomes a wonderful woman! Cheers

to 21 years, my fabulous daughter!
Turning 21 is a huge milestone
It’s a huge milestone
Turning twenty-one
So may this birthday be
The most special one!

I’m sending lots of love
And well wishes your way
On your super special day,
My lovely daughter!

Happy 21st birthday to you!
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My dear daughter is turning 21
Many congratulations to you as turn the
spectacular age of 21, my dear daughter!

21st Birthday Quotes and Wishes
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Your magnificent milestone birthday, daughter
Happy 21st, daughter. May this magnificent milestone birthday unlock the door to your happiness and a bright future ahead.
A kind, funny, and glamorous girl turns 21
It’s time to wish a very happy
21st birthday to a funny, kind,
and glamorous girl!

May your birthday be full of
laughter and joy, and I hope
you enjoy your newfound
freedom that comes with
this very special age.
Cheers to you as you turn 21

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It’s time to party, girl
Your 21st birthday has finally arrived
which means it’s time to party, girl!

Happy birthday to you, I hope you have
the most fabulous celebrations ever!
Sending you 21 wishes today
Sending you 21 wishes for your
21st birthday, my dear friend!

I hope you have the most
wonderful birthday!
No longer the designated driver
Wishing you a very happy 21st birthday,
my friend!

Now that you’ve turned 21 years old, it’s
really not fair for you to continue being
the designated driver!

Instead, we’ll give you a break and
someone else can have a turn!

Thank you for your years of service!

Enjoy this special birthday, and the little
bit of freedom that comes with it!
May all your dreams come true at 21

I’m wishing you a celebration fit for a princess today, as you are turning the very special, elusive, and fabulous age of 21!

May you realize all of the dreams that you aspired to achieve once you turned 21 years of age, my sweet daughter. I’m wishing you all of that and more.

Happy 21st birthday, sweetie.
21 suits you, daughter
Happy 21st birthday, daughter!

21 suits you, my sweet girl!
You’re more beautiful and
more radiant than ever!
Birthday wishes for my 21-year-old daughter
Today is a very special day as my
not-so-little girl is turning 21.

So, what can I say about my daughter on
her 21st birthday. Well, to say that she is
the apple of my eye would be a start, but
it doesn’t really even begin to explain how
dear she is to me, deep down in my heart.

Here’s to you, daughter, and another
fabulous 21 years ahead. Happy birthday
from the proudest parent there is.
Have a glass of bubbly for me
Congratulations on your 21st birthday!

Have a glass of bubbly for me!
Clink! Cheers!
You’re already more than halfway to 40
Happy 21st birthday!

You’re already more
than halfway to 40!

It’s all downhill from here!
You have the world at your feet, my dear
On this very special occasion that is your 21st birthday, I want to wish you lots of luck, success, and opportunity for the years ahead.

You’re a smart, sweet, and special young girl who truly has the world at your feet, and whatever path you choose to take, I hope it leads to something great.

Happy birthday to you, my dear.
21 years of brightening my days
Today marks 21 years that you’ve been brightening my days for, my darling daughter. I am so proud of the inspirational young woman you have grown up to be, and I have no doubt that you’ll continue to fill my heart with pride over the years to come.

Wishing you a very happy 21st birthday, my dear. Lots of love from mom.

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Wishing you all the fun now you’re 21
Wishing you all the fun
You couldn’t have before
Now that you’re 21
You can have evermore!

Happy 21st birthday!
Seeing you turn 21 fills me with joy, daughter

Watching you grow up over the past 21 years has been one of my greatest joys, my dear daughter. Happy 21st birthday from mom.

May this new age bring much happiness,
many opportunities, and endless joy to
your life! I’m wishing a very happy 21st
birthday to you!

You’ve accomplished so much in 21 years
As you turn 21,
Take a look back at
All that you’ve done.
You should be proud
Of yourself, daughter.

Happy 21st birthday.

Here’s to you on twenty-one fabulous years
Happy 21st birthday to you,
Sweet girl!

I hope that this very special
And significant milestone in
Your life brings you all the
Love, happiness, and success
That you are so worthy of.

Here’s to you on reaching
Twenty-one fabulous years!
21 years have gone by fast, daughter
21 years have gone by fast
Oh how they have flown
My heart cherishes each one
Seeing how you have grown.

Happy 21st birthday from mom.
Wishing you another 21 years of happiness
Happy 21st birthday, my dear friend!

Sending you all of my big birthday love
for this very special birthday of yours!

I hope that the next 21 years of your life
are as enjoyable and as incredible as
the first! Have a great one today!
A momentous birthday for a gorgeous girl
Happy 21st birthday, gorgeous girl!

May this truly momentous birthday of yours fill you with all the happiness you deserve!
The fabulous age of twenty-one

Today marks a very special occasion and an important point in your life as you’re turning the key age of twenty-one!

I’m wishing you all the love, happiness, and success in the world. May you have a fabulous 21st birthday today, girl!

Your future awaits, dear girl
Happy 21st birthday to you, my dear. Today you are handed the key that unlocks the door to your future, and I’m wishing you all the very best for it.
A fabulous girl that has it all

For a fabulous girl
that already has it all
I’m wishing a big,
meaningful 21st birthday
that’s anything but small!

I’m proud of the woman you’ve become
Today, as you turn the grand age of 21,
I want to tell you just how proud I am
of the wonderful woman you’ve become.

Happy birthday to you.
My remarkable girl turns 21 today
My remarkable girl turns 21 today!

Watching you grow up into the smart,
beautiful, sophisticated woman that
you are today has been my biggest
pleasure in life.

Thank you for making me so incredibly
proud, my dear.

Have the absolute best birthday!

You’re 21! Now you can legally do everything you’ve been doing all along!

On your 21st birthday, I’m cutting you off at 2… pieces of birthday cake!

Hope you enjoy this milestone. The next birthday you will look forward to is when you qualify for Medicare.

All my love,
May your future be bright and wonderful
Happy birthday to you! As you turn
twenty-one today, I want to send
my very best wishes to you.

I hope for only the greatest things
to come your way, and may your
future be bright and full of
wonderful adventures.
Congrats on turning 21 today, girl
Congrats on turning 21 today, girl!

Reaching this milestone age with everything you’ve accomplished so far is a huge achievement and something that should be celebrated to the max.

I hope your special day today is everything you had dreamed it would be.
This new chapter will open many doors for you
On this very special birthday of yours,
my dear, I’m wishing you all the best
for a bright future ahead.

This new chapter of your life will open
many doors for you, so may you never
give up or stop chasing your dreams.

Happy birthday to you.
Enjoy your new-found freedom
Happy birthday!

Now that you’re 21 years
old there’s no longer the
need for a fake ID!

Enjoy your new-found
freedom, my friend!


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