Latest Happy Birthday Little Sister Wishes Quotes & Images 2023

Best Happy Birthday Little Sister 2023 Birthday is the Most Important Day in Everyone’s Life Someone Special Day Wish you a Many Many Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Little Sister Wishes

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Even though you are not walking around in your little pink dress or wearing shoes 5x bigger than your little toes, you will always be my little cuddly sister in my eyes. Happy Bday, sis!

Dearest baby sis, thank you for tolerating my long gibberish complaints and indecisiveness when it comes to choosing what to wear. I just could not imagine a life without you! Happy birthday, little sis.

Happy birthday to the sassiest, coolest, craziest and the most adorable little sister in the world!

Although you have the title of ‘little’ sister attached to you, your heart never fall short of the size. You have one of the biggest hearts in this world! Wonderful birthday, little sis!

Dear baby sis, despite our petty little fights and the war over that last piece of cookie, my love for you will never waver. You are still one of the most precious people in my life! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Happy 23rd Birthday to my sister! Thank you for all that you do for us and we love you! Hope you have a great lazy day!

I would like to wish my little sister a big happy birthday hope you have a great day and that our fun family treats you for everything.

This one goes out to my love, my first girlfriend, the one who always told I was doing wrong, who always had my back along with my kids, my big sister, happy birthday sweetheart!
Wishing my best friend & sister a very happy birthday! She is such an amazing person & I can’t imagine my life without her. God truly blessed me when He chose her for me. Love you more than you could ever know!

Happy Birthday Poem for Little Sister

For you my girl, I take my best pen

To write these words to you, I go out of my haze

You were born today and since my life with you, happiness shone

To me you are the most beautiful

Even if you often worry rebel

Your way was sweet as a fiddle

Your words are tinged with the color of the horizon

I think back to our memorable moments

I serious in me, they are so great

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Your presence in my life filled

I will never stop loving you

When I think of you, feelings of sweetness

When I dream of you, feelings of happiness

Our relationship I want to protect

The life of torment preserve

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Little Sister

Sister, you are one unique snowflake alright: uniquely annoying, uniquely bossy, and, more importantly, uniquely lovable. I’m glad I have a sister as remarkable as you in my life.

Growing up I always looked up to you, and as we grow older, I still do. Thanks for always showing me how it’s done with style. Happy birthday to my role model!

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Sister, no one shines as brightly as you do. You do more than stand out in a crowd; you dazzle people with your kindness and generosity. Thanks for always bringing the sparkle into my life.

I hope your birthday contains only warm, fuzzy, and pleasant memories. May it signal the beginning of a year filled only with hope and promise. Happy birthday sister!

I love you so much that there aren’t enough words to express it. My actions will just have to say it for me, so come here for the mother of all hugs and a ton of smooches, sis.

When we were younger, I couldn’t figure out how we could possibly have come from the same parents, because we were so very different. Now that I’m older not only do I appreciate our differences, I celebrate them. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Little Sister Whatsapp Status

I’m so grateful that you have always been there for me when I needed you the most. Even when I didn’t want you there, you always helped me. That takes a special kind of love, and I deeply appreciate all that you do for me

I want you to know I only copied you all those times when we were younger because you were so cool. Thankfully, now that we are older, I am definitely the cool one! Feel free to copy me anytime you want to this year, sis.

I used to be so jealous that you got to do everything first since you were older. Now, I can look back and be so grateful that I had a sister to try everything before me. From your failures to your victories, I learned so much from you. Thank you!

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Sister, wishing you a happy birthday at our age is a lot like listening to a Justin Bieber song: I am slightly ashamed to do it, but I just can’t help myself! At least, loving you is so very easy, no matter how old we get. Happy birthday to an oldy but a goody!

Happy birthday to the most adorable and cute sister in the world! In just one year, you’ve become a special part of my life and I love you with all my heart! Be happy today and always!

Happy birthday cutie, my baby sister! You are the most beautiful sister in the world and I’m blessed to be your elder brother. I hope you get all the things you wish for!

Happy birthday to the youngest member of our family, my baby sis! You’re the most lovable girl I’ve ever seen. May you keep on being this cute and adorable! Your sister loves you a lot!

The naughtiest sister, happy birthday! It’s your day so dance, jump and have lots of fun. Never forget that you can always count on me. I love you, baby sis!

Happy birthday, baby sister! 3 years have passed but I still remember the day I first saw you. You had a tiny body, legs, hands. That was really one of the best moments. Have a blessed day!


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